Table of Contents

  1. Free Software by Pascal Bourguignon
    1. Informatimago Common-Lisp Software
      1. Why Lisp?
      2. Informatimago CL Software
      3. develop/lisp/com/informatimago/clext/pipe-article-en.html
      4. develop/lisp/com/informatimago/clext/pipe-article-fr.html
    2. Solutions to the L-99: Ninety-Nine Lisp Problems
    3. Common-Lisp Small Programs and Tidbits
      1. The Original LISP
      2. A Parser for M-Expressions
      3. Old LISP programs still run in Common Lisp
      4. Common Lisp - Image Based Development
      5. Sexp Edit
      6. An implementation of the Playtomo Stonedge game, with its solver
      7. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun, Dynamite, Nuke, Lightning, Devil, Dragon, Alien, Water, Bowl, Air, Moon, Sponge, Wolf, Cockroach, Tree, Man, Woman, Monkey, Snake, Axe, Fire, Sun
      8. Sudoku Solver
      9. A Quick, Dirty and Ugly BASIC implemented in Common Lisp
      10. Brainfuck in Lisp -- Lisp in Brainfuck
      11. Intersection Common Lisp, Emacs Lisp and R5RS Scheme
      12. develop/lisp/com/informatimago/small-cl-pgms/botihn/botihn-fr.html
    4. Emacs Packages
    5. Articles
      1. Pascal Bourguignon's Usenet posts of interest
        1. Interleave
        2. f(f(n)) = -n
        3. Graphs of Common Lisp Types
        4. Life Saver -- How a Lisp programmer can survive in a C++ environment
        5. Playing with colors in emacs
        6. A Fortran-Compiled List-Processing Language
        7. Common Lisp sur Raspberry Pi
          1. Clozure CL sur Raspbian sur qemu-linaro
    6. The Attic: Unsupported Free Software by Pascal Bourguignon
      1. Mail-to-SMS
        1. Aliases Helper
        2. Picture Merge (-la Diff3)
        3. RPM - Rebuilding a RPM database NFAQ
        4. Chrooted SSH CVS Server Management Scripts
        5. Emacs standing alone on a Linux Kernel
        6. Abalone for NeXTSTEP
        7. Mtel Objects
        8. Squeak for NeXTSTEP
        9. Cirrus Logic GD754X SVGA Driver for NEXTSTEP 3.3
        10. Some small GNUstep programs
        11. Patches