This would be my blog, if I did blogs, but I don't. So here they are, as plain web pages from my web site.

  1. My usenet posts of interest.
  2. A program to generate interleave and deinterleave permutations.
  3. A comment about f(f(n) = -n.
  4. Graphs of Common Lisp Types.
  5. Life saver — How a Lisp programmer can survive in a C++ environment..
  6. Playing with colors in emacs.
  7. A Fortran-Compiled List-Processing Language. A transcription of the article presenting the pre-Lisp Fortran library, by: H. Gelernter, J. R. Hansen, C. L. Gerberich. April, 1959.
  8. Common Lisp sur Raspberry Pi (en fran├žais).

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