mail-to-sms is a perl script that will convert an email to a SMS.

It features:

It can be used on a UNIX system, by setting up an alias or putting a line in your .forward file such as:
"/local/etc/mail-to-sms +336xxxxxxxx"

This script must be invoked with the following parameters:

mail-to-sms phone-numbe optional_parameters... < message

The parameters may be:

  phone-number    (mandatory)
                  This must be a GSM phone number, in international 
                  format (+<country-code>...).

  --multiple      (optional) 
                  Send big email in several SMS.

  --no-multiple   (optional,default) 
                  Send only the head of the email.

  --compact       (optional,default) 
                  Remove spaces from the email.

  --no-compact    (optional) 
                  Send the email as is.

  --short-from    (optional) 
                  Include in the SMS only the email address, 
                  not the full From:.

  --long-from     (optional,default) 
                  Include in the SMS the full From: field.

  --no-from       (optional) 
                  Don't include in the SMS the From: field.

                  --short-from, --long-from and --no-fromm are exclusive.

  --original-from (optional) 
                  Try to send the message keeping the original From: as
                  sender address on the envelop. This is imply using
                  sendmail directly.

Optional parameters must follow mandatory parameters.

The message text is expected on stdin.

The operators supported in this version are:

------------  --------------------  ----------------------------------------
Country       Operator              Prefixes
------------  --------------------  ----------------------------------------
Austria       Max Mobil             +43676.
Austria       MobilKom              +43664.
Spain         Movistar ActivaJoven  +34649.
Sweden        Comviq                +46707, +46739.
Ukraine       KyivStar              +38067.
------------  --------------------  ----------------------------------------

Please, send me information about the other operators. I need for each operator:

Downloading mail-to-sms

Download the mail-to-sms script.

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