The Attic: Unsupported Free Software

These software are available under the GPL or LGPL licence.

Software & documents written for GNU/Linux & UNIX
Software developed for OpenStep (GNUstep, MacOSX)
Software developed for NeXTSTEP 3.3

Software & documents written for GNU/Linux & UNIX


Chrooted SSH CVS Server Management Scripts. This is a set of script to manage CVS repositories to be accessed via SSH in chroot jails.

RPM rebuilddb HOWTO

How to rebuild a RPM database destroyed beyond hope. Step by step procedure.

Various Patches

Various patches & customization on free software. Currently are available a patch to rm to prevent deleting / (safe rm), and a patch to Maelstrom (asteroid game) implementing a correct tore clipping.


A UNIX daemon to collect aliases from a set of files and to generate consolidated files, signaling mail sub-systems.


A GIMP (1.2) script to merge concurent changes made to a picture.

Software developed for OpenStep (GNUstep, MacOSX)

Actually, they're developed on GNUstep, which is an implementation of the OpenStep API. However, a mere recompilation is what is only needed theorically to make them work on other OpenStep environments (OPENSTEP 4.2, MacOSX, Sun Solaris, etc).

Small GNUstep programs

Some small GNUstep programs, demos, examples.

Software developed for NeXTSTEP 3.3

Some of them will be released for OpenStep (GNUstep, MacOSX) in the near future. Well, for MacOSX, you'll have to compile them yourself...


An hexagonal board game for NeXTSTEP.


Minitel 1B emulator for NeXTSTEP, based on a portable C++ objects library.


A NeXTSTEP User Interface for Squeak 2.0 Smalltalk.

Cirrus Logic Driver

A NeXTSTEP SVGA Driver developed for Dell Latitude XPi 90ST (may work on other hardware too).

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