Picture Merge (-la Diff3)

The Boss said: "Here is a nice icon for our application. Please improve on it and integrate it."
Well both John and Gill "improved" the icon, unfortunately, at the same time.
John had been impressed by the look of NeXTSTEP icons. Gill has always liked to color pictures.
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Now, what are we to do? Should I ask John to spend one more day to integrate the changes Gill has done, or the other way? Frankly, we've some programming work to do beside playing with GIMP or Photoshop.

Fortunately, here is pic-merge-diff3 , a batch GIMP script that will solve this problem, and automatically integrate the changes done by both John and Gill into a merged version of the picture.



pic-merge-diff3 is a GIMP function that will take three pictures, an original and two concurent edits of the original, and that will merge the changes done separately.

It's composed of a shell script pic-merge-diff3 and a GIMP (1.2) scheme program pic-merge-diff3.scm.

The GIMP scheme program pic-merge-diff3.scm should be installed either in your ~/.gimp-1.2/scripts/ directory or in the common /usr/share/gimp/1.2/scripts/ directory.

The shell script pic-merge-diff3 is invoked with the following syntax:

    pic-merge-diff3  original  edit1  edit2   merge

The GIMP script can also be invoked interactively from GIMP, thru the "<Toolbox>/Script-Fu/Utils/Merge Diff3" menu item.


pic-merge-diff3 is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Please contribute improvements. In particular, the current version

Downloading pic-merge-diff3

Picture Merge (à-la Diff3) GIMP script

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